Juliet’s Shawl – New Pattern

Have you been following this pattern test on Ravelry? Do you want to make it? Well now you can! Not only was the pattern released a few moments ago, but it is also free to the first 500ish people who download it, AND there will be a KAL in the Gradiance Yarns Ravelry group!

So, yes. The pattern is available for free to the first 500ish people who download it. There is no need to enter a coupon code. Just add it to your Ravelry library through the pattern page here. I say 500ish, because this relies on me regularly checking in to see what number the counter has reached, and then switching the listing over to a paid pattern. I regularly miss the free download mark and extras go out! The pattern will be £4.00 (plus your local VAT) after this initial period.

I will also be hosting a KAL in our Ravelry group. Please feel free to join the KAL. Share your newly ordered or stash yarn and (optional) beads, share your progress, receive support from me and the awesome Ravelry community, and more than likely click the love button on projects! There will be a prize or two at the end drawn at random for a couple of lucky participants.

The lady who I named this shawl after, Juliet, is the reason I adore hand dyed yarns in the first place and it was an honour to name this after her. My sample was after all made using one of her yarns. I hope you’ll join me in the KAL thread.


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