Storm Cloud – Colour Profile

Storm Cloud, as you can imagine, was created out of the very dark and moody blue storm cloud that lurked on the horizon one day.

It goes through a total of three dye stages to build up the colour, with the water never even reaching a simmer.

First it has a short bath in some teal:


Then a longer bath in some violet:


And finally it has a dip in a touch of black:


I’ve been dyeing some more of this today, and finished just as another storm cloud loomed on the horizon!



Squish! Squish! Squish!

No I don’t mean the sound under feet as you walk around outside today. Well, actually yes, but that’s not what I’m here to write about today. I’m here to introduce you to Squish – an aran weight yarn!

Squish is relatively new to my collection, and is the king of the aran weights in my shop. It is 100% Bluefaced wool and it just loves to slurp up dye. This means beautiful bold and bright colours for you. But it does soft and subtle too (I think!)

Squish is also a 2-ply yarn. This gives it such an energetic bounce and loftiness you will just want to sit there all day and watch it bounce back. It is where some of my day goes! Squish, and squish, and squish!

With my most recent update primarily made up of Squish, now is the perfect time to grab a skein for your collection.